A better email server

I’m seeing some customers are hosting a few hundreds of email accounts using cPanel and Plesk control panels. There is nothing wrong using these control panels, email service is free using either Exim or Postfix. It is an open-source email service. Anti-Spam features are limited to a free and open-source solution within.

They are still ok for daily usages. However, if you are relying on the webmail, the features are limited. It is ordinary until you have seen better webmail on SmarterMail.

Administrative functions are limited on a free email server. Creating, deleting mailboxes and updating password are likely what you can do. A lot of the other features like delay, reject, SMTP block helo etc are not available,

In my opinion, administrating email server, receive and send emails are important for an organization. But able to give that extra control benefits the administrators.

A good email server can save you plenty of time, Save time and smoother email deliveries are revenue. Ironically. you might gain more than you have spent on a better email server like SmarterMail.

SmarterMail gives me more controls over an email. Unlike the others, because of the built-in IDS firewall, rarely you hear that there is a compromised mailbox in SmarterMail. The SPAM and content filtering rules are super handy.

I’m able to create rules for an email received whether it is bounced, rerouted or move into a folder. Honestly speaking, SmaterMail is the only email service that I have seen is so versatile. It is easy to operate and understand. I do not think the administrators will need any feminization training.

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