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Founded on 7 Aug 2014, a registered company in Singapore.  it was set up by a few good friends and web hosting engineers with the same interest and supports from customers.

Vastspace gradually and steadily turned into a leading web hosting service provider in Singapore. Also, we have ventured into SEO to help customers get a higher-ranked website on search engines with a cheaper SEO solution.

We web host more than 3,000 websites. A few web hosting operators in Singapore own its IP Address space and network. Generally, Vastspace’s motto is to get things done cost-effectively.

Our servers are set up in a top of the class datacentre in Singapore. It is a certified Tier 3 data centre with a redundant cooling system and power. The servers are only accessible by authorized persons and guarded 24×7 by the security guards.

Why Hosting with Vastspace?

We are proud to guarantee a quality web hosting experience or your moneyback.
You do not spend a fortune to get things done right.

Tel +65 8889 6879

When you have a question about Web Hosting, we are definitely the right people who can help you.
Write to us, we will respond to you quickly. You can send us a ticket from https://support.vastspace.net/Main/frmNewTicket.aspx