The Ultimate Guide To Choosing The Right Dedicated Server For Your Business

When looking for a dedicated server for your business, there are a few things you should keep in mind. The first is the budget. You don’t want to overspend on a server just because it’s dedicated, as this will only end up being a waste of money in the long run. Next, you need to decide what type of server you need. A dedicated server […]

Why do you need a dedicated server?

Many people think that they don’t need a dedicated server because their website isn’t very popular. The reality is, even if you’re only getting 500 visitors per month, you’re still going to need a server to host your website. That’s because websites can take up an obscene amount of bandwidth which means without the right hosting provider, your site will go down and your business […]

Why You Should Consider Renting A Dedicated Server In Singapore?

Why should you rent a dedicated server in Singapore? The Risks of Using a Shared Server Enjoy Optimum Security with a Dedicated Server Reliable and Fast Connection Speeds Takeaway: You need a dedicated server for your site to ensure that it performs optimally. Web hosting has grown by leaps and bounds since its inception. These days, web hosting is a complex matter involving several factors. […]


Why Singapore Dedicated Server?

A dedicated server hosted in our Singapore Data Centre is known as  Singapore dedicated server, Singapore Data Centres are centrally located to serve the Asia market with optimized Internet Route, hence Singapore data centre is a good choice for serving regional markets that include India, Japan, China, Indonesia and Australia, matching incredibly low latency with high-traffic intensive applications. If you are looking for a dedicated […]


What is a Dedicated server?

What is a Dedicated server? A Dedicated server is an actual physical hosting server which is only used and runs a full web server by one client. The client will be able to take advantage of the total Central processing unit, RAM or Components assets of the server. This is far more accommodating than shared hosting/Internet Individual Server (VPS) make it possible for consistently top-rated […]


Own a dedicated server

When you are looking to own a dedicated server, you compare prices with the closet or similar specification. This is a usual practice as a consumer, But how do you know they are the same? Like Intel XEON processor E3 has 6 revisions. Of course, it is not a must to get the latest but it must not too old though. Older parts have a […]


EMSISOFT Enterprise Security

From 15 July until 30 September 2019, we are giving away a 12 months licensed copy of EMSISOFT Enterprise Security for every Windows VPS / Server subscription. The free license is only for VPS / Server hosted in Vastspace and a new subscription/order made from 15 July 2019 to 30 September 2019.


NVMe, SSD and M.2

Most people understand what precisely a Solid State Drive (SSD) is and most likely have got one mounted in your notebook. Opposed to a regular spinning hard drive, an SSD is much quicker which usually is why we suggest putting in an SSD as the ideal way to boost the overall performance of an older computer system, laptop computer or a dedicated server. The fact […]


High-Performance VPS

High-Performance VPS is relatively a new web hosting term in the industry, We named it as high-performance is to differentiate them from the standard VPS. They have more RAM, better CPU priority and higher disk read and write output. Especially good for the applications rely on database read and write a lot. While it is competitive in the web hosting market, similar to VPS, its […]


High performance VPS?

Dedicated server or a high-performance VPS? This has been always in my head, should I deploy a dedicated server or a high-performance VPS? The tricky part is ‘high performance’, how high is high? Higher than? We ask this question ourselves. Yet today, I had have found the answer. In my dictionary, high performance means better than its class and the enhancement should be speed, not […]

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