Are You Protected From DDoS Attacks?

Introduction: DDoS attacks are a common occurrence these days. They can take your website down for hours or even days. Are you protected from DDoS attacks? DDoS attacks are usually carried out by a group of people who use computers to send a lot of requests to a website in an effort to take it down. This type of attack is called a distributed denial-of-service […]


The Only Website Hosting Tips You Ever Need

If you have coded up a great site, it won’t be a bit of good if you do not get some hosting to set it online. You may know practically nothing relating to this issue, but like drawing near anything new, you will have to do some research, find out more and check around, What elements should you think about? Deciding between a devoted and […]


Looking For A Web Host? Use This Guidance!

Have you ever wanted so that you can deliver your customer’s email? Properly, this is extremely feasible if you have an excellent hosting firm helping you. Please read on to figure out ways regarding the way to buy the right web host and plenty of different ways to be effective on your own site. See what sorts of web sites you will get via your […]


Using Shared hosting

Actually, this question has been bothered me, why people are using shared hosting while VPS are dirt cheap. You can probably get a VPS for just $5 a month and multiply by 12 months which is equal to $60. What $60? It is cheaper than a shared hosting plan. But wait, we have missed out a few things. There are a few reasons why they […]


Points of failures in Web Hosting

Points of failures in Web Hosting are things that most of us need to consider when we buying a web hosting but we don’t usually ask. After all, a robust web hosting with a failover mechanism costs more. So, if you are using an ordinary web hosting plan these are the common failures you can expect; Electrical power – it can be the server power […]


Thunderbird 64bit?

Today, I have upgraded my Thunderbird from 32bit to the 64bit version. I’m reading a few hundred emails daily. Occasionally, it crashed and I have to restart to resume my operation. Apparently, it is not a big issue, I have gotten used to it. Apart from that I have noticed the CPU utilization is high, most things work for me It is not perfect but […]


COVID-19, The ‘Circult Breaker’

Today, Singapore entered a “circuit breaker” period, to be marked by most businesses and services. Also, the Government has unveiled a third stimulus package to aid many during the COVID-19 crises. The Solidarity Budget amounts to S$5.1 billion, and another S$4 billion to be withdrawn from national reserves, adding to the S$17 billion set aside from the reserves previously for the Resilience Budget, Deputy Prime […]


Why is SERP tracker important?

SERP is known as the Search Engine result page. It is an essential tool for businesses nowadays. Why did I say that? Most will go to the internet to look for the thing they want, isn’t it? So, we use Google search. The result appears but your product is not on the first few pages. However, this is not the topic today. There are a […]


Are you a nurse or a doctor?

We would like to extend our gratitude to all nurses and doctors. Especially to those at the frontline, taking care of the patients infected by the COVID-19 virus. During this period until the end of June 2020, we are giving a 50% discount on our shared hosting and cloud hosting to all nurses and doctors who are working in a hospital and a clinic. Enter […]


Suspend or not to Suspend?

As a web hosting provider, we do not normally suspend an account or a web hosting user even the subscription has expired. We will write to the subscriber if he or she wishes to continue. However, we suspend a website if it has violated our terms severely and authorities have stepped in and given instruction to us to do so. Otherwise, we will try our […]

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