Do you need an SSD VPS?

Many have bought an SSD VPS, They are fast, and they think it is a server. Until somebody has told you that this is sharing a server.

Yes, in the web hosting market a server may have cost you a few hundreds of dollars a month, a VPS may cost you as little as 5 dollars. It will make no sense if a web hosting company is selling a server at 5 dollars. It is not likely possible.

So, Do you need an SSD VPS? VPS shares a server and a server is divided into a few guest machines that we call them ‘VPS’.

It is sharing resources like CPU, Memory, Disk IO and an underlying operating system like we use KVM. Alright, it is sharing a server, isn’t the same as shared hosting?

Not exactly, even it is sharing a server, the server for VPS is usually more powerful. Because it is supposed to deliver more hosting power than the shared web hosting but lower than a dedicated server.

VPS is like a server. VPS has its own operating system, the control panel and an IP address. Don’t get me wrong, shared hosting user has the option to add a dedicated IP address too but the major item like the control panel is shared.

So an SSD VPS is better? In general,  the web hosting company uses an operating system that they can restrict on a specific group in shared web hosting. For this case, customers can buy an SSD VPS with better resources and performance.

However, if the shared hosted server is brand new and there are a few tenants only, shared hosting might perform better.

Another reason is the dedicated IP address is available out of the box for VPS. There is no additional cost. Whilst the sharing hosting will charge extra. So, if you want a dedicated IP address, VPS is cheaper.

Resell web hosting space is also the reason to buy a VPS, Instead of a few shared hosting accounts, you can administrate your own customers, their control panel accounts and their FTP accounts.

A VPS can expand and it is scalable. You can upgrade the resources like RAM, CPU or disk place

I like VPS for its flexibility. I move an instance often, hence portability is important. Our VPS can do this. I use my back up snapshot to rollback if some things go wrong. It is versatile, unlike a dedicated server.

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