Do you need SEO or SEM

SEO stands for search engine optimization while SEM is search engine marketing. Google has the most popular search engine on the internet. Apart from, there are Yahoo, Bing etc. Basically. Google is most use search engine. If you selling tropical fish, people look for aquarium or something similar. Your website might be listed on the 1st page depending on the search engine’s algorithm. There are a few factors to get listed on the 1st page, the earlier your website appears on the search, you have the greater the business opportunity, one of the important factors I guess is popularity.

I have spoken to many, the common mistake they have made for SEO is typed their company name on the search bar. Wait a minute, if he or she particular searches for your company, they have probably known you and want to do business with you. SEO is about keywords, the keywords are the gateway to your business especially for online businesses, No one will type and search for your company and your website if they are looking for a bicycle. A bicycle is your keyword in this case.

Nowadays search engine like Google changes their search algorithm very frequent. The factors that influence from more prominent phrase has become less frequent. The fastest way is to advertise. Those appear with ‘Ad’ in your Google search results are actually advertisements. We call it Adwords, is the major in SEM. You can put up plain test ad, an image ad or even a banner in your Youtube video. In Facebook, you can advertise too.

SEM is the fastest and effective ways to let people know your business, products and services. However, a budget in this area must be set aside and easily cost you a thousand a month. This could be a high running cost to SME. The result is subjective. My advice is whatever which is your landing page or your money site you have to make sure your visitors can visit the page or site. The content must be concise and there is something to look forward. If they are not, you are wasting time and money.

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