How to avoid not reading important emails

In many occasions, you did not receive an important email from someone. Yes, they did not end up in your inbox but junk or spam box? Because the email was either marked as spam or the spam score is high. In this situation. you have little control. Worst, your email client application is set up as POP3. Your local folders do not synchronise with the email server.

Today, we share tips on how you can minimize or avoid not reading important emails.

  1. Set up your mailbox as IMAP4 then POP3. With IMAP4 you can subscribe to all folders including the preassigned junk folder.
  2. Always read the junk folder’s emails before empty them. You might find important emails ended in the junk box.
  3.  Whitelisted or place them in your trusted sender list your important senders,  so their emails never go to the junk box.

With these measures, I’m sure you will never miss the important emails again.


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