How to check email header


This is essential for all. When someone is asking you to check email header? Or the sender? The most common mistake is looking at the email itself and provides you with the screenshot of the sender, the recipient, the subject, date and time.

This not the email header and they should look like this;

Return-Path: <mailer@infusionmail.com>
Received: from mx67.antispamcloud.com (mx67.antispamcloud.com []) by mail.vastspace.sg with SMTP
	cipher=Aes256 bits=256);
   Thu, 24 Jan 2019 22:20:45 +0800
Received: from mta-d-130-99.infusionmail.com ([])
	by mx67.antispamcloud.com with esmtp (Exim 4.89)
	(envelope-from <mailer@infusionmail.com>)
	id 1gmfrv-000Bqn-Vk
	for seo@vastspace.sg; Thu, 24 Jan 2019 15:20:37 +0100
Received: from web-camp-022 ([])
	by cmsmtp with ESMTP
	id mfrtgMALnAUyumfrtg68ym; Thu, 24 Jan 2019 09:20:33 -0500
DKIM-Signature: v=1; a=rsa-sha1; c=relaxed/relaxed; d=infusionmail.com;
	s=dkim1024; t=1548339633; bh=T8e73Ytejwe3n/oEKLULhvvQ35Q=;
DKIM-Signature: v=1; a=rsa-sha1; c=relaxed/relaxed; d=linksmanagement.com;
	s=ec9f094c-c6b7-4732-88e6-8c40751673a2; t=1548339633;
Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2019 09:20:29 -0500 (EST)
From: LinksManagement <info@linksmanagement.com>
To: seo@vastspace.sg
Message-ID: <565800071.706111548339629832.JavaMail.tomcat@web-camp-022>
Subject: =?utf-8?Q?How_to_Master_2_Facets_of_SEO_&_Hit_Google=E2=80=99s_Top_10=3F?=
Errors-To: mailer@infusionmail.com
MIME-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: multipart/alternative; 
X-MailSentId: 5923486
X-campaignid: infusion_lmmn5923486
Feedback-ID: lmmn:lmmn_354244:primer:infusionsoft
X-BatchId: 354244
X-InfApp: lmmn
X-InfContact: 679550
X-InfSent: 64878116
X-inf-package: primer
X-inf-uflags: UE,WF
X-inf-iflags: UE,WF
X-inf-QETT: 0
X-inf-BlockName: mn93
X-inf-SRS: -7.0
X-inf-dkimSelector: ec9f094c-c6b7-4732-88e6-8c40751673a2
X-inf-dkimDomain: linksmanagement.com
X-infEng: 480
X-Inf-Src: 5
List-Unsubscribe: <https://lmmn.infusionsoft.com/app/optOut/noConfirm/64878116/c0481908947e63fc>, <mailto:unsubscribe-lmmn-679550-354244-64878116-primer@infusionmail.com>
List-Unsubscribe-Post: List-Unsubscribe=One-Click
X-CMAE-Envelope: MS4wfNU43PWf9xzU9Cm0p0CF7meBRndYEwJXvQ8eHyp6nPoXG4EK6Y+fLJMWKtzV29ns6V02JdqmROQKkWpxSLnM01v5Ik/n3FYc6nfMk2vG20Vtx529X+8n
Received-SPF: pass (mx67.antispamcloud.com: domain of infusionmail.com designates as permitted sender) client-ip=; envelope-from=mailer@infusionmail.com; helo=mta-d-130-99.infusionmail.com;
X-SPF-Result: mx67.antispamcloud.com: domain of infusionmail.com designates as permitted sender
Authentication-Results: mx67.antispamcloud.com; dmarc=pass header.from=linksmanagement.com
Authentication-Results: antispamcloud.com; spf=pass smtp.mailfrom=mailer@infusionmail.com; dkim=pass header.i=infusionmail.com; dkim=pass header.i=linksmanagement.com
X-Filter-Label: newsletter
X-Spampanel-Class: unsure
X-Spampanel-Evidence: Combined (0.50)
X-Recommended-Action: accept


The header provides you with details of the email received. This is useful when if possible to find out  the real sender, for example, you have received a spoofed email or blacklist an email server from sending you spam emails.

Today, we are going to show you do it with Outlook, Thunderbird and SmarterMail webmail. It is easy for Thunderbird and SmarterMail webmail users. There are more steps and complicated for some to get this option.

We show you on how for Thunderbird email application; Just go to the email, under more to view the source.

SmarterMail has the view header option in Webmail too. Go to that email, more option is the icon with 3 dots, then view header.

It is a bit more steps for Outlook. But you only do it once to get this option permanently. Follows these steps. You need to go option from your file tab, add the message option to one of the new tabs. Once it is added, the message option will be permanently available for all emails.

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