My website is inaccessible

I assume everyone has the experience that a website is inaccessible, I’m sharing a few common hiccups that may cause a website inaccessible. I’m sure you can save yourselves plenty of time after reading this article.
  • When you visit your website, you see a list of your files instead. If you are seeing this, make sure you have the default index file. The default index files are usually index.htm, index.html, index.php for a Linux web server or a default.aspx for a .net web server.
    The index file and its sequence can be found in the control panel. Otherwise, you should contact the helpdesk for support.
    Also, you should see ‘Forbidden Access’. You are seeing the list of files is because you have permitted the webserver to list a directory. For security reason, you should never do this.
  • If you are seeing this message ‘No internet access’, visit other websites to confirm the internet is working.
  • Internal Server Error 500, when you are seeing this error, you will be told to contact your service provider. High chance this error is a timed out error caused by your .htaccess or your PHP script of that file has a memory leak and your PHP memory isn’t enough for what you are doing, raise it might solve your issue.
    However, we will suggest checking your web server error logs. It definitely gives you an idea of what is happening.
  • Occasionally, you will find that the internet browser on the smartphone is useful. But please make sure you are not using the same network as your desktop. For example, connected to the same WIFI. Use your 3G or LTE data network, in this way your phone is not connected to the same network.
    Now, using your desktop computer internet browser cannot access your website but the Smartphone can. It means that the IP address to your desktop computer is blocked for whatever reason. The website is working but you might have violated a firewall rule that caused a deny access to the IP address that you are using.
  • Iinaccessible websitenbspVASTSPACE SGf you are seeing this when you visit a secure website. A secure website means https://. However, you saw ‘Warning: Potential Security Risk Ahead’ or similar warning message.
    This is because the website either has an expired SSL certificate, no SSL certificated installed or the SSL certificate has not validated by a qualified CA. In the worst case, the SSL certificate for the website is validated but the CA certificates have not been installed.
    You can get pass their warning message by going to ‘Advance’ and accept the non-validated SSL certificate. I cannot recommend anyone to do this if you know the website that you are visiting is safe.
  • If you have made sure the domain address is correct nut the website is inaccessible on both the desktop computer and smartphone. This is likely the webserver has stopped, you should contact the helpdesk immediately.
    However, if you have a VPS or a dedicated server, and the server is running. You can restart your web server and check the logs for the reason on why it has stopped.

There are common reasons on an inaccessible website, and the method to mitigate. Hopefully, it helps many have faced this issue.

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