A Paid SSL certificate

Why do some go for a paid SSL certificate while you can an SSL certificate for free?
There is no difference in encryption if you are using a free SSL certificate, they are the same in terms of functionality. However, some would still prefer a paid SSL certificate.

There are a few reasons why you would go for a paid SSL;

  1. Re-issue – mostly unlimited from most CA. However, there is a limit or delay to get the free SSL even they are automatically issued as long as the domain has resolved to the hosted IP address.  The waiting time for the next cycle is a ‘NO’ for someone running an online business.
  2. The validity of the free SSL certificate is shorter, usually 3 months. However, the validity longer for a paid SSL certificate. Some SSL certificates allow up to 4 years of validity.
  3. Limited to DV (domain validated), if you are looking for OV or EV, it is only available to a paid SSL certificate.
  4. There is no insurance on a free SSL  certificate.
  5. Support provided by CA, you might get support still for the free one but it is definitely taking longer.
  6. Reputation, if I’m running an online business. I will want my SSL certificate signed by a reputable CA and recognized by my visitors. Not likely with free SSL especially for the EV SSL.

However, a free SSL certificate works for me if I was my handshake and data transmissions are encrypted. Ever seen HTTPS is promoted like errors on the internet browsers. get your website listed on Google, installing an SSL certificate is common for a website.

However, do not get the wrong perception that an SSL certificate makes your website ‘bullet-proof’, it is still hackable if the vulnerability exists. I have spoken to some, this is the answer I get. Hopefully, this article helps those to have a better understanding of an SSL certificate.

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