VEPP ~ Things don’t stop here

Yesterday, I have spoken to Artem, the business development manager for ISPsystem. Apparently, what we are seeing at VEPP is more like a SaaS model, we are expecting a provider’s version.

Why am I paid attention to VEPP? There are two reasons actually, the unconventional control panel layout and the security addon I have yet to try out. Website security has been important to the website owner.

They advertise

  • Use the built-in antivirus
  • Firewall settings
  • Enable spam and fishing protection
  • Configure an external backup storage

If this is true, this can be a little better than 2 existing renown control panels, added the user-friendliess. At this moment, the info has given to me is little. So, I’m looking forward to deploying the provider’s version and share more with the readers.

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