Virtualize or not to virtualize

Ever since there is virtualization especially these few years, your IT team might have been bothered by this question. To virtualize or not to virtualize a server? The answer depends. Depends on what? Clearly, there are the advantages to virtualize; For example, the license of the software is cheaper, you can install more than one instances on the same server, a virtual switch and it is portable etc.

However, there are a few things to consider if virtualization will work for you. If you need to split the instances for different departments and it has total privacy. Virtualization does not give you true isolation, there are still possibilities that your virtualized servers are accessible through the underlying virtualization OS.

Disk IOPS is started to divide with the number of guest machines you have created. The greater the number of guest machines, the slower the disk IO. If you are using the conventional hard drives, it might be a drawback for those who are using SQL database.

{f your server has failed due to hardware, you will have more than one failed servers if you virtualized. the servers. Especially to those do not have spare resources or a virtualized cluster. This will not happen on dedicated servers if one failed he rest will continue to work.

If your guest machines are not para-virtualized, there is a performance overhead, For example, a true hardware ethernet will perform 2 ~4% better than a virtualized network card.

The underlying virtualization software or known as the hypervisor can be more pricy than operating system software. However, there is a free one like KVM.

With my experience, backup is easier and a snapshot backup on a virtualized instance is more reliable than s server backup whichever backup technology you are using. A snapshot backup is stateful, it even restores a SQL database in a good state without a backup.

Some software makers have realized they are missing the virtualization segment and have made changes from processor count to core count license but at the end of the day, virtualization will save you money if your environment allows.

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