Website is not showing

There are a few reasons why a website is showing. However, we need to make sure your webserver is running. If it has stopped, the answer is straight forward that why your website is not showing on an internet browser.

Today, we want to share the reason why your website is not showing and given the webserver is working ok.  It will save you time to troubleshoot.

  • Do you have a DNS zone set up? We are seeing a common impression that you have registered a domain name and a web hosting. You will need a pair of DNS in order to web host a domain. Because DNS comes default and zone records could have been populated by the provider. So, many users are not aware of such a thing is known as DNS.
  • Has your website DNS zone record is pointing to the correct IP bind to your website. You can launch your command prompt in the computer and ping the domain name. An IP address will return, make sure it the correct IP address.
  • Are you using a default index file defined in your web folder? Common index files are index.html, index.htm and index.php on an Apache webserver.
  • Do you have a .htaccess file that you are redirecting traffic? Even a Syntax error can cause a website stops displaying.
  • Are you using the right website script or correct version? For example, the older PHP application works with 5.6 only but your webserver is PHP7.4.
  • My website doesn’t show up in the office computer but it is working on my Smartphone on LTE mobile network. Very likely, the IP address used by the office is blocked by a firewall at the service provider. Speak to them and describe the difficulty you are facing.

Above are the common problems my customers faced base on my past experience. Hope it helps others

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