Why is SERP tracker important?

SERP is known as the Search Engine result page. It is an essential tool for businesses nowadays. Why did I say that? Most will go to the internet to look for the thing they want, isn’t it? So, we use Google search. The result appears but your product is not on the first few pages.

However, this is not the topic today. There are a few techniques to rank higher and when people search, your website appears on the first few pages, the chances they are your customer is higher. This is SEO, we can discuss this in another article.

Given that your website is listed on the search result for the first few pages today. However, how do you ensure you are always in the same position? If one day due to some reason, your keyword’s position has dropped tremendously, you are losing potential customers.

If you are monitoring a few keywords, it is not difficult. However, it will be a tedious task to search and monitor for 50 or more keywords. Thus, the SERP tracker is important, you will be able to find out your keywords position for the day and it helps to keep a history of your keywords or even competitors. Especially, for online businesses, this is a must-have.

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